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Register for Polish Bilingual Daycare and Out of School Care.

Located in St. Basil School, Polish Bilingual Daycare and Out of School Care provides our children with access to a school gymnasium, playground, spray park, and schoolyard. Bambi Offers summer programs to keep children in a routine and with their friends during the summer months. They are a not for profit organization, and their staff are friendly and caring and go the extra mile to help our children learn and grow.

Bambi offers Daycare starting at 12 months. They provide snacks for the children attending the Daycare.

Bambi children are divided into two rooms; our younger children from 12 months to 3 years and the older room for children from 3 years old to pre-kindergarten. Children enjoy time outside, crafting, learning about new concepts each week. Children are working on developmental skills and learning through play. Bambi believes communication is crucial and loves sharing with families what they are doing daily. 

The out of school care is a great added feature for children Kindergarten to grade 6. They offer before school care and after school care. The children have access to the gym during non-school hours.