Strona główna Ciekawostki Learn Polish Language and Culture at Austin O’Brien High School

Learn Polish Language and Culture at Austin O’Brien High School


Austin O’Brien High School oferuje zajęcia języka polskiego na poziomie Polish 15, 25, 35.

The Polish Bilingual program brings students from all over the city to study Polish Language and Culture. The students have this subject together with their Religious Studies class. The remainder of their schedule follows our regular timetable.

This program ( Polish Language and Culture 10/20/30 complemented with Polish Religious Studies 15/25/35) is open to students who are presently registered in the Polish Bilingual Program at St. Basil School (Jan Pawel II Polish Bilingual Program). Students not formerly enrolled in the bilingual program but who are sufficiently proficient in the language to gain entry at this level may do so only upon consent of the teacher. Students will be given various opportunities to improve their fluency in the Polish language while developing key communicative and interactive skills. A wide variety of resources and activities are used to encourage language development. In addition, various topics and projects of a cultural nature are explored.

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