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SUPPORT st. John Paul II K-9 Polish School Program


Please encouraged as many folks as possible to:
   1. Contact their Ward Trustee and ask why no public meeting as their policy requires. Rather a “Virtual” information session is scheduled.  Ask why is administration afraid to see close to 1,000 community supporters from attending a public meeting!.  If the Trustee says that a virtual meeting is required due to COVID, then ask them why is that there is only one reference to COVID at the end of the Closure Report.  I guess what is good for them is OK, but not for us!
   2.  Complete the Engagement Survey — 12 questions that appear to be slanted towards the administration’s desire to eliminate heritage language programs.  Don’t be afraid but do tell them what you think — Please refrain from foul language, etc.   we must again demonstrate that unlike others we are civil!
   3.  Register you and all of the members of your family and all of your members and their families for both the so called “Virtual Meeting” and the table top sessions. 

Do read this Report:
Here are key links for your use: — Do passionately complete the survey — tell them that you think — Nicely please.  — Register for the Virtual meeting. — Register for the one hour table talk sessions.

Administrator, menadżer i założyciel portalu. Napisz do mnie @