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25 Lat Fundacji Pomocy Dzieciom im. Magdy Tomczak


The Magda Tomczak Children’s Aid Foundation was created in the aftermath of a most tragic crime. On October 27, 1987 in Edmonton, Alberta a child fell victim to horrendous violence. Magda Tomczak, a fourteen-year-old girl was brutally, murdered in her own home. It would not be easy to imagine a more innocent victim, or more horrendous circumstances.Magda was an excellent student. She was talented in music and was an Edmonton Girl Guide. She had her own joyful and smiling world in which young children occupied an important position. She truly loved younger children and helped them in whatever way she could. In the future she wanted to help ‘improve the quality of life and health of such children. She was profoundly religious and was not ashamed to show it. She always felt close to God. All of this came to an end one autumn afternoon.

At 14, she was still too young to have had any real influence on a large scale, but she certainly influenced those with whom she came into contact. All those who knew her remember Magda as a ray through their lives – a ray that was cruelly extinguished.

There cannot be many situations more unspeakably tragic than that which Magda’s parents went through. Many relatives and people in the community shared the Tomczak family’s sorrow and devastation. Many wanted to further Magda’s ideals and keep her memory alive by helping those in need. This is how the Magda Tomczak Children’s Aid Foundation came into existence.

See the short clip from the 25 Anniversary of the fundation

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